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Oktober 30, 2018


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More than 50 million people worldwide are fleeing persecution, oppression and threats to life and limb, a part of them migrates to Europe and Switzerland.


“We urgently need a longer-term solution to the migration crisis that is causing serious crises and financial challenges throughout Europe.”

Excellencies, Authorities, Dignitaries, Institutions, Ladies and Gentlemen:

My name is Momodou Lamin Tamba, I am originally from Gambia, a tiny country in West Africa and have been living in Switzerland for over two decades.

Brief facts about the population of Gambia

Current population (2018) – 2,199,907
Total area – 11,300 km2 (4,363 mi2)
Population density – 194.7 per km2 (504.2 people/mi2)
Sex ratio – 0.98 (1,086,209 men to 1,113,889 women)
Median age – 17.0 years
Life expectancy – 63.5 years (61.2 – men, 65.9 – women)
Literacy – 55.5 %

After several years of research and studies, i am committed to working and supporting the goverment of the Gambia in many sectors, to help build a better monitored systems for the ensurance of transparancy, accountability and most of all to help build technological database systems to help erradicate poverty and curruption which are the major issues that deprives Africa and Africans from developing, which are also the cause of migrations problems Europe is facing today. The lots of deaths of the young African youths as young as 13 years of age. These problems can only be solved back where it started, and in the case of the Gambia, which contributed to high rates of deaths among young youths who have no perspectives after finishing their basic school, and most of them, frustrated drop outs whos parents could no longer pay for their school fees.

According to UNHCR, an estimated 362,000 refugees and migrants risked their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea in 2016, with 181,400 people arriving in Italy and 173,450 in Greece. In the first half of 2017, over 105,000 refugees and migrants entered Europe. Among them, 1,719 feared drowned so far in 2018,

82,201 have risked their lives reaching Europe by sea so far in 2018

This movement towards Europe continues to take a devastating toll on human life. Since the beginning of 2017, over 2,700 people are believed to have died or gone missing while crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe, with reports of many others perishing en route. These risks do not end once in Europe. Those moving onwards irregularly have reported numerous types of abuse, including being pushed back across borders.

With so many lives at risk, rescue-at-sea operations undertaken by all actors must remain a priority.

Excellencies, dignitaries, Institudes, ladies and gentlemen, as a concern African, who have spent over 2 decades in Europe, under Swiss marvelous system, a citicen of this world, i came to realise that, first of all, goverments of Africa lends or take a lot of loans, which it finds at the end almost impossible to re-pay, simply, because there is no system or mechanismus to monitor how these fund are managed, spent or invested. This is a number one element that must be fixed immediatly.

Secoundly, its a very urgent call for the African goverments to task its expirienced and able citicens living in the diaspora to help in the implimentation of newer administrative and technological systems and tools as in Europe and the US to be able to move Africa to compete with the rest of the advanced world. That`s the reason why, i initiated to not point fingers on the president and the goverment of the Gambia as a citicen, but to initiate to be authorise to lobby for Gambia in the interest of Europe as well.

I am hoping to getting a rapid support to be able to start working on the set goals, which will help in many ways to bring the down the migrations problems to the lowest level.

I live and works in Switzerland over the past two decades and was blessed with building a network of friends, businesses and acquaintances. I had became a player in the ICT sector, and owned a company in Switzerland. I live at a border zone, which is 15 minutes to Austria, 30 minutes to Germany, over two hours to Italy, four and a half hours to France and just twenty minutes to Lichtstenstein. I have essentially become a business player in the heart of Central Europe which is the reason why I feel I can also add value to the new Gambia phenomenon;

After 23 years of brutal dictatorship the country and its people had suffered, the Gambia is finally a free nation again, and is in a transition period, working on towards democratisation, thanks to the joined and collectives efforts of all its citicenary for standing together with all it`s means to get rid of the tyran dictator peacefully through the ballot boxes.

As i have personally toured for 4 months in Gambia and Guinea Bissau, spoke to the youths and to many Ministers and goverment officials of both Countries, One of my main commitments is, as an expirience African, who have both African and European values, worked in Switzerland for over 2 decades in various sectors, and have a verse knowledge and know-how in various technical and administrational works, i am committed to support the goverment of Gambia, a project which will be model and will inspire, and i intend to extend with time to the neighbouring African Countries in the sub region.

Excellencies, dignitaries, Institudes, ladies and gentlemen, my plans and committments will not only solve the Migrations problems, security, trainings, creat jobs, but it will help boast the economies of both continents for the long term. In short, the positive archievements and impack my plans will make, it`s effects will be felt a great deal in the EU and to the rest of the world.

Concrete plans:

  • I would like to engage a consortium of International Investors to help the most urgent and longer-term goals of the Gambian Government.
  • Invest in the education and health sectors.
  • Investment in agriculture and fisheries
  • Assist in urgent state affairs such as water, electricity, Gabage recycling systems,
  • Help to equipt the various security forces with better tools and trainings.
  • Further promotions of the Gambian tourism industry.
  • And fill in gaps that are recognized.

I am very humbled and honored to be given the authority by the office of the president of the Gambia to serve as a lobbyist tasked with the responsibilities to represent The Gambia. I am willing and ready to add value, using personal, human and finance resources towards this worthy cause in bringing Gambia ‘ back to the map’.

Excellency , please accept the assurances of my highest consideration and esteem.


Momodou Lamin Tamba

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